Saturday, May 30, 2015

It Takes a Village

Have you ever felt your life spiraling out of control?

The bills. The laundry. The kids. THINGS. Just piling up.

This was my life.

About six months ago, I made the choice to work more outside of the home. I had been working one day a week for over a year, but I was still home most of the time. I had the ability to devote the majority of my time to housework and mothering (and blogging and Netflix-ing).

I had it made.

Well, except for the times when the kids were home from school and bickering all day long. Those days I wished I was working outside of the home!

My point is: I was able to get things done. 

But the bills were piling up. My husband's career in construction was wishy-washy at best. There were so many variables in whether or not he would be working, that a paycheck was never set in stone.

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It appeared that things were going to have to change. I had spent two years going back to college to get a degree, mostly for something to do outside of the home, but now I would be required to put it to good use.

I had to go back to work. So I did.

But, in taking on a bread winning role, I had to back burner all the other things in my life. No more wasting away my days maintaining my blog and entertaining the masses. No more doing laundry while catching up on the latest Netflix shows. No more keeping the house clean. Period.

These jobs were moved in to my husband's domain. (Well, except for the blogging. That has just fallen by the wayside most days. Sorry guys!) Don't get me wrong, he tries really hard to keep up with all the things, he does laundry...and even has the kids fold it. (Don't even get me STARTED on the crazy logistics of laundry location since this little policy has been started! I spend sooo many mornings hunting down my work clothes in somebody else's closet, or more realistically, under someone's bed!)

He does the dishes and keeps the floors vacuumed.

But let's face it....the organizing and de-cluttering and fine-tuning were non-existant.

Bottom line: The house was a giant mess.

I learned something really quick. Either you learn to ignore it and just accept the fact that you live in a house that would make the writers of  "Hoarders" cringe, or you bust your butt trying to maintain it until you work yourself to death. 

I chose the first one.

I was tired. I didn't want to spend my evenings cleaning. I wanted to spend them watching Netflix and blogging playing with my kids. It was my choice, but it wasn't always easy to live with. I found myself getting more and more irritated with life in general. The kids. My husband. THE MESS. 

I just couldn't take it anymore.

And so I admitted defeat. Publicly.

I posted this on Facebook:

And my friends responded. 

The following week, my two best friends gave up their Friday to come over and help me clean my house. And it was awesome. We accomplished SO much. And it felt so good at the end of the day to look around and feel like I could actually RELAX. 

I had forgotten how much I desired a clean house. 

And I had forgotten that it sometimes takes a village to raise a family. We can't always accomplish all the things on our own. 

And it is okay to admit defeat and ask for help. 

In fact, I totally recommend it. 

Getting some help finishing the necessary things gives you more time for the fun things. And life is supposed to be fun.

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