Friday, November 27, 2015

When life gets you down, turn on Netflix

When your husband takes the kids to the mall on Black Friday JUST so you can write, you write!

Or, maybe not.

We all know that I have been sadly neglecting this little beauty of a blog recently. Life threw us a bit of a curveball, with an unexpected pregnancy that has knocked me flat on my backside for the better of two months now. I swear, I was beginning to think that the morning sickness was NEVER going to leave me alone. Most days, just getting out of bed, getting dressed, and heading to work was more than I could manage. And, because I have four kids and a husband who all depend on me was bye-bye writing!

So today, while I am FINALLY starting to feel pretty good, the hubs decided to give me a morning alone to get some much needed writing completed. It all sounded good in theory, but I should have known, given my recent turn of events, that NOTHING would go the way that I was expecting.

First, I had a complete shut-down of all creative juices. No matter WHAT I tried, my mind was a blank canvas. I went to Facebook to try and gain some inspiration, but even the great ideas my friends shot off at me went completely to poo as soon as I tried to form them into cohesive thought. FINALLY, after more than an hour of "brainstorming" I decided I better just fire up the ole laptop and write SOMETHING!

Too bad my crappy laptop had other plans. It took over an hour just to boot the stupid thing up! (I guess taking a couple months off, made this sucker get lazy on me!) Then, once I got the dumb thing running, I couldn't get the internet to work. Then I couldn't get the page to load. Then my computer completely froze and I had to start the WHOLE PROCESS OVER. Ugh. I was JUST about to give up, when my blog FINALLY popped up.

Man, am I glad that I had Netflix to keep me occupied while I was desperately trying to make use of my little bit of quiet "writing" time. I decided that because Black Friday OFFICIALLY marks the start of the crazy Christmas season, I would like to watch a good holiday inspired movie. Netflix has lots of choices in this genre, from traditional classics like "White Christmas" and "The Legend of Frosty Snowman" to funny films like "Christmas with the Kranks" and kid UN-friendly "Bad Santa."

I decided to go with a movie I had never watched before, called "The Mistletones," about a girl who desperately wanted to be part of a popular singing group but had some major obstacles along the way. I thought I could probably relate, given my life the last couple months and even my challenging morning.

It was a good choice. I loved all the Christmas music and fun singing and it kept me humming even though I was getting pretty frustrated with my junky laptop. Sometimes, you just have to find joy in the little things. That is a lesson that is becoming more and more obvious to me as I battle my way through this pregnancy. Each day we need to look around us and find SOMETHING that is good, even if it is only Netflix and the endless choices of shows and movies. Because, some days, let's face it, pjs and tv is about all that I can endure!

Until next time....keep streaming <3

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