Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back when life was all "Raindrops on Roses"

I love the movie "The Sound of Music". I have enjoyed watching it ever since I was a little girl. My favorite has always been the music. Who can compete with the beautiful singing voice of Julie Andrews belting out “Raindrops on Roses”? Probably not me, but I sure do try! 

The other day, this song popped into my head and as I sang it, I started to think, “Wouldn’t it be great if life was that simple and beautiful?!  It’s kinda like life was BEFORE kids, when I could focus every day on me, and me alone…“The good ‘ole days”. 

Or so I called them.

But the reality is- I had kids and my whole life changed.  Nowadays my life is closer to THIS version:

Food stains on carpet, and sticky syrup fingers
Whatever that smell is, it sure fire lingers
Hey! That’s my good lipstick, you are wearing
These are a few of my daily happenings!
Wait! That’s MY shampoo you’re using for bubbles!
Get out of that laundry or you’ll be in trouble!
Where did you get that?! I can’t save a thing.
These are a few of my daily happenings!
“I want more candy!” “My hands are muddy.”
“I don’t want to eat that because it smells funny.”
 You need attention every time my phone rings
These are a few of my daily happenings!
When the ball drops
At my wits end
When I’m feeling mad
I try to remember my sweetest memories
And then I say “Where’s your dad?!”

But you know what? Even as I wrote out those words, I realized, somewhere along the road, this has become my “good ‘ole days”! Being a mom is both a blessing and a lesson in patience and perseverance. A lesson that doesn’t end until the kids are grown and on their own, and sometimes not even then!

So the question is: Would I change it? Would I give up these sticky times for a life of lonely emptiness?
Never! Not in a million years! Every single sticky moment has morphed into a beautiful memory that I can one day share with my grandchildren….As I load them up with sugar and then send them home with their parents.

I re-published this post as a tribute to my sweet Brennan starting preschool today. (She is featured in all these wonderful pictures!) This post was originally published on Sticky Fings.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sayonara Summer! A guest post by Mommy Needs A Swear Jar

The always funny  Mommy Needs a Swear Jar shares with us today!

Sayonara Summer!
by Mackenzie of Mommy Needs A Swear Jar

Today is the first day of fall and it's my favorite time of year.  The trees are beginning to turn.  Also, my birthday is a week away, which means a totally legit 24-hour pizza and donut binge is just around the corner.
But my favorite thing about fall is

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brennan's Reviews: Steak 'n Shake Restaurant

A Restaurant Review as seen through the eyes of a 4 year old, written by her mother (Because she can't write. Duh.)


Well, here it is! The moment you ALL have been waiting for....that time when I tell you ALL about my restaurant adventures! This time my parents took me (and my brother and sisters, too!) to Steak 'n Shake, which made me pretty excited! I LOVE that place. I love it SO much that I was even willing to jump out of the bathtub in order to go there. And that is BIG. I really, really LOVE my baths. I take about 10 every single day. Or as many as I can whine my way into convince my mom I neeeeeed!

But, anyway, back to my review!

It was lunchtime. So my belly was pretty hungry. But this place is good because they give you all the things to do while you wait for your foods to come out! I had papers to color, and cars to build, and STICKERS! I LOVE stickers! AND they give you these pretty neat hats to wear! I ALWAYS wear mine!

And my dad likes to wear one too. *giggle* He's silly.

The order lady came and asked me what I wanted to eat RIGHT AWAY and I said "corndogs and fries" (I like to order ALL. By. Myself. On account of how I am NOT a baby anymore!)

And I got lemons for my water. Cuz that is how my mom does it and I like to do things like my mom does it! Oh that makes me think of something funny! When my mom's water came out hers had a rotten lemon in it and when she was trying to get it out, she spilled her water ALL over the place! Ha! It was pretty funny! Then my dad got kinda irritated. (He gets like that at ME sometimes too! Then I have to tell my mom about how he is all irritated.) But I didn't tell her this time cuz I was too busy laughin' at her.

And then it took a REAL long time for our order lady to come around to give her some napkins, so we all had to give her ours and she STILL got water on her shirt! Hehehe! THAT was FUNNY! And then when she told the order lady about her rotten lemon that lady got mouthy with my momma! I know she was mouthy cuz my mom got that SAME look she gets when I get mouthy! Then my mom told that lady she KNOWS what a rotten lemon looks like! Bwhahaha! My mom REALLY was makin' me laugh today! I don't think dad thought it was as funny as I did. He got that irritated face again.

Poor, irritated guy.

Then that lady brought new water. And new lemons. And she told my momma she was REAL sorry. (My momma said that she probably heard her say all that mean stuffs about her to my dad.) Then my momma was happy again and I got back to colorin'.

I don't think my big sister was so happy about comin' as I was, though. Cuz my mom was tryin' to take pictures and she wouldn't even operate. (I think that is the word mom used. When you don't do what mom wants and she gets all testy and stuff...)

And she wasn't even using all the cool things they give you to do while you are waitin' for your food to come out! Dad says it's cuz she thinks she's too grown up now. Too grown up? Ha! Who wants to be all growed up??!

My sister. That's who. She's moody. (I heard my mom say that a'fore)

And guess what?! Then our food came! I was super excited to get my corndogs! I really like it how the ketchup is RIGHT there where I can grab it! I like LOTS of ketchup! My dad doesn't even know that I can do my OWN ketchup. But I did! (He kept telling me it was enough, but he doesn't even KNOW what ENOUGH IS! Silly, daddy!)

I got JUST the RIGHT amount!

And then you will NEVER guess what song came on the radio there! LET. IT. GO. (My mom's FAVORITE!) And I had to stop eating and sing it loud enough for EVERYONE to hear it! I sure do LOVE that song! I don't think my dad likes it too much, though, cuz he kept tellin' me to quiet down and just eat my lunch. He's weird. Who doesn't like me singing REAL loud?

I was soooo hungry that I ate ALL my food. It was super good. I like corndogs. 'Specially with ketchup.

Overall, I give this place a 5 out of of 5 questionably clean fingers rating! On account of the hats. And the cool cars you can build and take home with you. I like that. And the crayons. AND the yummy corndogs with LOTS of ketchup. This place is REAL good for my tummy! (I don't care WHAT my mom says....I don't need vegetables to help me poop!)

I hope I get to go back again soon. So I can show mom and dad how good I am at doing my OWN ketchup.

I don't think they believed me.

All opinions in these restaurant reviews are my own and given for free cuz I like to talk and tell stories. Nobody gives me any free food or moneys to tell about my 'ventures. (But if they wanted to, my ears would be listening for sure.)

Did you like my review? Did you know there are more of these suckers?! 
What can I say? I like to eat! You should probably read them too...
The Cracker Barrel Restaurant
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I also wrote about a cool movie that I love to watch. You can read that here:
Prima Princessa presents The Nutcracker

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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Great Poodini, A Guest Post by Liv of Live by Surprise

Please pull up a chair and enjoy my amazing guest blogger.....Liv of Live By Surprise!


The Great Poodini
by Liv of Live by Surprise

My son is 14 months old.  He's (finally) started talking in the past few weeks.  He's just on the brink of walking.  Some might say that he's a little slow.  A little behind.  To them I say - you have not experienced the full extent of his talents.

And now...I give you...the great Poodini!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Five Stages of Cooking with Kids. A Guest Post by Brooke of missteenussr.com

A big thanks to missteenussr.com for being the very 1st Guest Blogger here on DQM!

 The Five Stages of Cooking with Kids
by Brooke Takhar

If you’re like me and have a picky eater, “they” say to get your kids involved with the food purchasing and preparation. Um, have you been to a grocery store lately? Those howls you hear? Those are not coupon clippers in a rapturous state.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And just like that SUMMER IS OVER...

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...

Wow! The last couple weeks of this summer REALLY dragged out for me this year. (And every year. Let's keep it real!) The kids are FINALLY back in school. Only a 1/2 day today, but at least it was a couple hours of sane time! Tomorrow it is back to regular business in this house and I am SO ready. And even though summer seemed long, we managed to squeeze every last drop of fun out of it! 

Here are the last week (and a half) of highlights. Enjoy!

Last week ended off with the hubs celebrating his birthday! We had a lot of fun leaving the kids behind and heading off to the casino! Too bad my hubs is getting to be quite the old fart...
Dinner: 4p Casino: 6 Home by 9. My hubs is living up his bday in style...old man style! 38 is the new 90.
#OldFart #ButHesMYfart 
Wait! What?
And he even managed to win back all the money I lost! What would I do without this man?!

It's those glasses AGAIN! Silly girl!
Brennan kept us entertained (as always!) with these funny conversations:
As a big storm is rolling in-
Brennan:*frightened* Is that thunder, momma? I don't LIKE storms!
Me: Yes. But it's ok. We are inside and safe!
Brennan: *Looking out the window* Wow! That sure is a lot of rain, momma!
Me: Yes, it's really coming down!
Brennan: Is God bowling AND crying, momma? Why would he be doing both?! ....OH, I KNOW! He is probably crying because he's not winning!....OR.....maybe he is crying because I have been so naughty....

(I PROBABLY should have said something about that last part. But NOBODY said I was perfect! I wonder if that will make her pick up her markers like I have been asking her to do for the last half an hour?)

She sure was ROCKIN' the glasses this week!
And Brennan decided that she wanted a "tooth fairy" for a pet!
Kk: Momma! I am going to lose my tooth today! It is soooo loose!
Me: Awesome!
Brennan: Does that mean the tooth fairy will come tonight??!
Me: Well.....MAYBE... (I have to say this because our tooth fairy is "slightly" forgetful....errr....I mean BUSY)
Brennan: Ooooooh.....I can't wait! Cuz I am gonna CATCH that tooth fairy and keep her! I always wanted a tooth fairy...

I guess it's a GOOD thing that our tooth fairy is so terrible at her one and only job. It just might save her life.

 And after THIS happened- 
AAAAAAH! I need a mom-cation! Seriously! I just cleaned poop out of the bathroom sink. POOOOOOP in my SINK! How does that even HAPPEN?!
P.S. It was Brennan. She has a pooping issue.
I decided if you can't beat them, join 'em! And built this living room blanket fort to TRY and get a few precious minutes to myself for writing....

It didn't work. 

 After WEEKS of feeling left out...

Brennan: Hey Kk! Wanna play the game "left out" where I feel left out?
Kk: *laughing, looks at me and says* I don't know WHAT she is TALKING about!

Ah. The joys of being the youngest sister.

Brennan FINALLY got to go away for the day to Grandma's ALL by herself!

 She was SO excited! (And I was too, because let's face it...she's a tornado and I needed a break!)

The big girls got cute new hair cuts for school over the weekend. Yay! School! 

It's about TIME school was coming up...I am pretty sure the hubs was starting to get a little sick of summer too...

Hubs: Ooooh! Honey I REALLY wanna go to the buffet today! But it's so expensive...... and the kids.....We gotta make that happen!
Me: Ya gonna sell a kidney?!
Hubs: ALMOST....knock off the end of that word and you GOT it! Hey ki-ids! Come here! Daddy's got something he needs to discuss with you.....


And JUST LIKE THAT....summer was over! We now OFFICIALLY have a 10th grader, a 6th grader, a 4th grader, and a soon-to-be preschooler!

Thanks for following our summer adventures! The Casa de Drama will still be popping up occassionally... like maybe when Brennan starts school in a few weeks...

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