Monday, September 14, 2015

The Great Tooth Tragedy

I am not a perfect parent. Despite my feeble efforts, I make a TON of mistakes.

I know. Hard to believe, huh?

For instance, there was the time that one teeny-tiny tooth ruined any chances for me being crowned "Mother of the Year."

My nine year old daughter, Kk, had been trying to lose that stubborn little tooth for several weeks. You see, her grown up tooth was coming in and pushing on it, and it hurt!

So I encouraged her to start wiggling it.

"Wiggle it every. single. day," I told her.

What I did NOT tell her was to tell me every single time she did it.  Needless to say, I heard a lot about that little ole tooth.

Then, one day, during dinner. It finally happened. That stubborn little tooth was hanging by a thread and so I told Kk, "Just pull that sucker out already!" and SURPRISE! She actually did it!

Out it popped. One tiny little white baby tooth. I told her very specifically "put the tooth in a baggie right now, so we don't lose it" and went on my way, assuming (I know! Stupid, stupid, stupid!) that she would follow my directions.

A little while later, I was cleaning up the kitchen (Man those kids make a mess quick!) and there were a whole bunch of cups and bowls on the counter filled with water. So I emptied them. I cleaned out the sink, ran the disposer, washed down the counters and went on my merry way.

I was feeling pretty proud that for once my kitchen was clean.

Fast forward to bedtime. Kk comes running from the kitchen, frantic and crying something about a bowl and a tooth and wha wha wha....

I don't speak whinese very well, but thankfully her older sister, Jessi, was there to translate,

"Mom! Did you dump that bowl on the counter?"

To which I happily replied, "Yea! I cleaned the whole kitchen up. Man, you guys really need to learn to pick up after yourselves...."


Say what? "I thought I told you guys to put it in a BAGGIE??"

And then Kk chimes in (in whinese of course) "Buuuuuuuut Jesssiiiiiiii tooooooold meeeee toooo puuuuuut it in waaaaaater to get cleeeeeaaaaaan!" (Well, kid, that was your FIRST mistake. Don't EVER listen to your older sister's advice over your mother's! Then you wouldn't have these kinds of regrets! It's kind of too late now. That sucker is loooong gone. )

"Ooooooh. I'm so sorry sweetie. Next time you better just follow directions. Then we wouldn't have these kinds of tooth tragedies..."

A half hour later, apology note to tooth fairy written and placed ever so carefully under her pillow, she finally calmed down enough for bed.


What a lot of hassle over one little tooth.

Now, if the tooth fairy could only remember to come to our house...we'd be golden.
photo credit: antpkr via

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