Meet the Momma

Meet the Momma behind all the Drama

Howdy! My name is Traci and I am the mom of 4 wonderful children. I love telling stories of all the funny things that they say, kids can be so hilarious (when they aren't driving you insane!)And SURPRISE, buried deep inside me is a writer! Who knew?! I work part time as an accountant and the rest of my time is spent shuttling, molding, chasing, and scolding, AKA mothering. I love my life, but let's keep it real, being a mom ain't no joke! But sometimes, the best way to handle it IS with some snarky humor and you will find plenty of that here. So take what I say with a grain of salt and a smile. Pull up a chair, pop your email in the "Follow by Email" section (to stay up to date with all the crazy happenings around my little slice of the world), and wait for the next adventure. I promise to entertain you with my stories, advice, and insane ramblings

But first...

Meet the Family behind the Momma

The Hubs: My second. And my love. He is a bundle of funny and fuels the fire on most of our crazy conversations. He is often the butt of my jokes, but we couldn't function without him! He is the bio daddy of our youngest, but the functioning daddy of ALL of the girls. And an awesome step-dad to the teen.

The Kids:
The Teen: The one and only boy in this crazy drama-filled house. He is an awesome teen! Seriously. We couldn't ask for a better kid to be paving out the path for a houseful of girls. He is 16 and I don't always talk about him...for teenage privacy reasons. If you have a teen, you understand! But occasionally, with his permission, you will hear a story about him or at least directed towards him!

Jess: Our oldest daughter. She is 11 and started Middle School this year. Yikes! I don't know if I am ready for a teen girl in the house! She is my little book worm, serious to a fault, and quite the little "smart-mouth". She also is the "mother" of the group and has the biggest heart you ever did see.

Kk: Our 9 year old middle daughter. The spunky one! She is full of fun and sass and just doesn't give a crap what anybody thinks about her! She is battling for the "baby spot" and has been for 4 years, since it was so rudely taken away from she tends to be whiny, but she makes up for it with her great sense of humor!

Brennan: The baby. And it shows. Everyone dotes on her. She is 4 and so incredibly witty and FINALLY started preschool this year! She is the star of many a story on this blog. In fact, I started this blog to chronicle her hilarious moments after several personal friends encouraged me to do so. I seriously just couldn't make up the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She is so dramatic, and imaginative, and snarky. You will get a kick out of her for sure! And her "reviews", well, they are legendary! But I may be biased...