Friday, October 31, 2014

Sibling Rivalry Gone Bad: A guest post by Dr. Psych Mom

Today I have a real treat for you! My guest blogger handles all kinds of issues on her blog, from reader's questions to psychology issues, and she is quick to give out some advice sprinkled with a dash of funny. Today she answers a reader's question that I think we can all relate to! Enjoy a taste of Dr. Psych Mom...


Sibling Rivalry Gone Bad
by Samantha Rodman

Help!  My Toddler Son Beats Up His Baby Sisters!

A reader writes:

My 2 year old beats up his 1 year old sisters. Intentionally. He's the sweetest boy I know (says his mom and biggest fan) but seriously they get their asses kicked every day and it seems to be getting worse. My son thinks it's funny to headbutt, tackle, hit with his hands, or worse with toys, and now runs them over with his trucks. Sounds fun over here right? You definitely want a playdate with us. Any input?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The 10 most annoying Facebook moms: A guest post by Tracey Schaefer

A funny post written by Tracey Shaefer, who doesn't have a blog just yet, but spends her time entertaining the masses on her Facebook page, Spit Up, Meltdowns and Blowouts. Go check her out!

The 10 most annoying Facebook moms
by Tracey Schaefer of Spit Up, Meltdowns and Blowouts

When fellow blogger, Lisa Petty of Petty Thoughts published her hilarious article “10 Tiresome Facebook Friends” back in August, it got me thinking about another strange subspecies of Facebook animal.

A beast that I've had extensive contact with in it's natural habitat: The Facebook mom.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Milestones: The Good, The Bad, and the Bittersweet

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Milestones. We look forward to so many of them as parents. Although, I am sure we regret some of them the instant they happen....take walking for instance. We encourage and prod and completely spazz out over our baby's first steps. Then a month later, as we are chasing them away from the hot stove and up the staircase, and they are grabbing stuff off the counter that they used to not be able to reach, we wonder why in the world we EVER wished for them to walk!

We have looked forward to all those same milestones with each of our kids. First rolling over, then crawling, then walking, talking, going potty on the toilet, and heading off to school. Each accomplishment is special and we ooh and aah over it, take a million pictures, call friends and family members, post about it on Facebook, and brag to everyone who will listen. And we have done that with each of our kids.

So why is it that these same accomplishments feel so different with our youngest daughter?

She is our baby. The whole family tends to rotate around her and we know this. Everyone dotes on her, including the other kids. She is the last one and we all know it (even though SHE isn't convinced OR happy about this decision!) 

And so these milestones seem kind of bittersweet. 

When she started crawling, it meant that she no longer needed me to carry her everywhere. When she started walking it meant that she was gaining even more independence. When she stopped breastfeeding, I felt sad knowing that I would never again kiss the top of a sweet-smelling little baby head while nursing. When she stopped wearing diapers, well... THAT one made me happy! Who in their right mind ENJOYS changing a stinky, poo-filled diaper? Not me! But you catch my drift.

A couple weeks ago, she passed another milestone moment- our little baby girl started preschool. It was long awaited and she was ready, but the day I put her on the school bus for the very first time, I fought back those same tears I had fought back three times before when her older siblings walked up those big bus steps too. And when she stuck her little face up to that bus window, grinning from ear to ear, and waving like crazy, it was all I could do to not start bawling like a baby myself. 

But, she was happy and so I should be too, right? While going to school marks another notch of independence for my last baby, it also opens up three wonderful hours to myself each afternoon. And what mom doesn't want that? I have started using that time to catch up on my favorite shows on Netflix. WHILE folding laundry...sheesh! I am not a TOTAL slacker! 

I am currently binge-watching both "Haven" and "Psych" and just finished watching the entire first season of "Witches of East End".  I just LOVE Netflix! There are so many possibilities! Imagine what it will be like once she starts full day school next year!

Oh, there I go again! Wishing for the next milestone. I guess that is what we do as parents, welcome each accomplishment as it comes, then look forward to the next.

What milestones are you currently celebrating?

Be sure to check out these great movies that celebrate milestones on Netflix:
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Perils of Co-Showering

I take showers with my four year old.

Whew! Glad to get that out there. Everybody has an opinion about it these days, and most of those people don't even HAVE kids.

It started when she was a baby. It was just easier for me to take her in with me than to trust that the older three kids would leave her alone (and well) long enough for me to shower. And since I enjoy NOT smelling like baby vomit, I had to come up with SOMETHING! And so the idea of co-showering came into play.

When she was really little, it was a team effort with my husband and I taking turns holding her while the other got clean, then one of us would exit, dry off, and then get her out. As she got older, the hubs bowed out. It may have had something to do with the time that she played ding-dong-ditch with his man parts, but I am not certain, and he's not talking. No really, we made a pact to never talk about that (embarrassing yet incredibly hilarious) moment EVER again.

Shoot! I am totally breaking that vow right now. Don't tattle!

So now it's just us. Me and her. And it is just part of our normal routine. I mean, if you don't make a big deal out of something, the kids won't either, right? And they certainly are used to seeing me halfway dressed as I have been walking around in my underwear since they were born. (Not planning on changing that either. Get over it!)

And several funny stories have come about because of our stance on co-showering. The first being the time that she assaulted the man parts with a giggle. But we aren't talking about that one. (See! I CAN keep a secret, honey!) There was also the time that she pooped. THAT was a treat. Let me tell ya. Nothing like playing hopscotch over turds in a slippery bathtub while trying to avoid tripping over a toddler or bringing down the whole shower curtain bar.

And then there was the time that she peed on my feet.

Good times.

But my absolute favorite story is the one that just happened!

Her and I were showering, like usual, me washing her hair, her playing with cups and other toys, when all of a sudden, she milked me! Or at least she tried too! (I TOLD you she had an obsession with boobs!) Before I could even stop her, that child reached up grabbed ahold of the old milk jugs and gave a squeeze! And I KNOW she was a-milkin' because she was holding her cup up to catch the juice!

Oh Lordy! Will this child's breastfeeding fascination EVER end?

I tried (unsuccessfully) not to laugh so that she would take me serious when I told her that "Cows are for milking, NOT mommies! and that "milking mommy's boobies was NOT appropriate touching" and then I asked her if she would like a good milking when she gets some ta-tas of her own? Of course, she giggled a big "no!" And I don't think she believed me when I told her that I WILL pay her back for all this breast assaulting when she is a tween/teen and has her OWN.

But I will!

After all, I have YEARS to plan the perfect revenge.
photo credit: khunaspix via

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Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Suggestions to make supermarkets less sucky by Lynn of The Nomad Mom Diary

Check out the very funny and always real,  The Nomad Mom Diary...

5 Suggestions to make supermarkets less sucky
by Lynn of The Nomad Mom Diary

I really love taking my kids to the grocery store with me, much the same way I love to have a root canal. Hands down, there is one part of the shopping experience that stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most miserable: checkout.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's Not YOUR Kid, It's Mine! A guest post by Thriller Mom

The amazing Thriller Mom strikes again!

It’s Not YOUR Kid, It’s Mine!
by Tandra of Thriller Mom


There... I admitted it. *Taps mic* IS THIS THING ON?!