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Camp Freedom

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...
Day 1 of vacation:
Brennan: Mommy, you are my favorite.
Me: I am?! Aww, you're so sweet to me!
Brennan: I am going to marry your boobies someday.
Me: WHAT?!
Brennan: Cuz I love them.

And just like that...we are back on the boob kick. (Actually we never really left it to begin with...) WHEN WILL IT END?! 

On Saturday, we celebrated Daddy Day (since the hubs would be working all day Sunday) with a lunch at Steak and Shake. I really can't take these people ANYWHERE!

Is it possible to eat @SteaknShake without wearing the hats? According to my husband...the answer would be NO! 
#Dorks #AtLeastTheyAreMYDorks

Crazy, fun people ------------>
While waiting for our food, the hubs and I got pretty competitive with the Tic Tac Toe....I said I was the best, he said HE was, we MAY have gotten a little carried away... 
In the end, he couldn't accept defeat, and being (almost) Father's Day and all, I let him be the best. This time. Plus the food came and I was hungry.

Let's move on to Sunday! Father's Day. The day we honor the great men in our lives...

I took the ladies over to see grandpa (my dad) who had his "late-life crisis" parked in the driveway which of course, attracted their attention! I mean, who doesn't want to play in grandpa's new (old) car?! He was even nice enough to give them each a spin around the block and me too! Yippie!

Then we headed out to see our other boppa (my step-dad) and had a blast catching the newly hatched frogs. Millions of newly hatched frogs. And apparently, Disney has poisoned their minds into believing that kissing one will bring you a Prince or something! Ewww! But it did lead to a funny post!
Fun things I found coming out of my mouth today:
*Keep your hands, feet, and TONGUE to yourself.
*Stop sticking your feet out the car window.
*Please stop that obnoxious meowing.
*There is a fine line between fun and ridiculous and you my friend are reminding me of a circus clown... And  not the fun kind.
*I don't think kissing that frog is going to find you a prince...Disney lied.

And summer vacation has begun, folks! Is it bad that I am somewhat looking forward to the big girls leaving for summer camp tomorrow morning for a week??!

Ah...summer camp! Too bad I managed to lose the note with all the drop-off info. And there goes that damn MoTY Award (again!)...I swear, just when I think it is in reach... Thankfully, a friend had hers and camp was saved. (And my week long "vacation" was saved too!)
Hubs: Wow! Are there some more camps the girls can go to this summer?
The teen: Yeah! It is soooo peaceful....
Me: Guys! *insert the look*
Hubs: What??! I love my girls! ....but I also love peace and quiet. You gotta admit it IS nice to watch tv without all the fighting...
Me: Ok. Fine. But we would miss them if they were gone ALL summer...
The teen: Would we??

These two are horrible! I am glad to know the ladies are having a grand time at camp and not here to hear these two baffoons!

P.S. The quiet IS nice. Shhhhh. Don't tell! 

Life with just 2 kids is grand!
So what does one do when half their kids are gone for the week? Well at our house...
Hubs: Let's watch a movie! What do you want to watch?
Me: Let's watch Pompeii. I have been wanting to watch that one..
5 minutes later, the teen has headphones on with his tablet and I am typing away on my blog. Whoops! Sorry hubs! (In my defense....that movie was booooring!) 

Don't you think this pic of Brennan and the teen is seriously the cutest thing ever?! -->

<---the teen still kicking cancer's ass, 8 years after finishing chemo!
On Wednesday, we went to the teens yearly cancer (free) re-check, where this delightful conversation took place: 
 Brennan: (putting her pink blanket on my shoulders like a cape) You are an artificial queen, momma!
Me: An "artificial" one?
Brennan: YUP! (grabbing the top of my dress and pulling it UP and speaking LOUDLY) You better cover these suckers up! Nobody round here wants to see your boobies, momma! ...Artificial queens don't do that.
*insert hysterical laughter from ALL the staff and nurses within earshot*

What happens when Brennan is the only one at home? She fills our time with many wonder filled questions and inspirational quotes....such as this:
What made this quote even funnier....she kept asking what girl parts were called and I kept telling her "vagina" and two seconds later she would say "my pa-changa"....Then she asked what boy parts were called and while I pondered whether or not telling her the "right" word would be detrimental to my sanity in public, she came up with her own! Close enough! 
Tea for two! Cousins by blood, friends by choice
This week was fun. Fun for the big girls because they went away to summer camp. Fun for mommy because she had a peaceful (mostly drama free) week with just Brennan and the teen! It's amazing how a little separation does EVERYBODY some good!

And, now they are back and the drama is in full swing. Yay for over-tired campers!

See ya again next weekend at the Casa de Drama... 

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  1. I'm thinking you should just follow Brennan around with a recording device. I see a book of Brennan Quotes in your future, because that kid is HILARIOUS!

    1. Thanks! She sure is witty! That is the WHOLE reason I started my facebook record her hilarious comments! Maybe someday I will go back through and paste them all together into a book....Who knew I had such a "writer" hidden within me?! Thanks for following and for being such an encouragement :)