Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grab yer bibs, mosquitos....THIS fam is goin' campin'!

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...

Who out there enjoys a good old fashioned tent camping trip? We take one every year with my WHOLE family, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, the parents, maybe even a friend or two and it is always a BLAST! And since I am FINALLY feeling better (knock on wood!) we got to join in on the family tradition! 

But first....Brennan realized that she couldn't remember what "camping" was like, so daddy decided to help the girls build a special tent fort in her bedroom for them to sleep in Sunday night. 

I started to get slightly worried when I heard a hammer and the girls came for "more blankets" ...and when they dragged me in for the "big reveal" imagine my shock when THIS is what I found:
(And I am NOT just talking about the cheesy faces!) They made a fort by nailing blankets to the walls and zip-tying them together! I guess that is what I get for letting DAD handle the fort building business! Lesson learned. (But I did have to admit, it WAS pretty awesome!)

Moving on...

Brennan was feeling EXTRA silly and telling special jokes, like this one:
Brennan: Knock knock
Hubs: Who's there?
Brennan: Willy Willy
Hubs: Willy Willy who
Brennan: Willy Willy chocolate banana strawberry *hysterical giggles*
Hubs: Good thing your extreme cuteness outweighs your bad joke telling skills!
Brennan: Yea. You're right! I AM really cute! WAY cuter than you..

She may not be able to tell a joke, but she sure can burn you.

Ouch! The burn is real... She was DEFINITELY on fire. She kept it up by snapping her sister's bra.Gotta LOVE her! (Unless you are Jessi...who is a surprisingly good sport 99% of the time!)

AND by putting on a "show" for us...
Brennan: (wearing a cooking apron and underwear) Soooo, now I need to go change. I have a concert to put on.... (pulling her apron off)
Me: In your panties??!
Brennan: No! I was just doing a little tidying up...I AM Cinderella, you know... But now I gotta get hot and go put on a show...


Apparently Cinderella no longer cares about meeting Prince Charming at the ball, she would rather go all Madonna and be "Vogue" on a stage with a screaming crowd. I know. Because she insisted that I "cheer" while she sang at the top of her lungs and did crazy moves...

"Look momma! I made my bed!"
It's a good thing too! Since...
You girls are ALL going to bed early tonight!
4yo: Why? Cuz you guys need some sanity?

Ding, ding, ding! And we have a #WINNER!

Some nights, these kids are just. TOO. MUCH. Good luck carving out enough space to sleep!


Every summer, we pack up the tent, gear, and kiddos and head off to meet up with my whole fam (my sibs and their families) for a long weekend of camping excitement. This year was no different. 

Except that the hubs couldn't go. 

So I was forced to load up all the gear, our huge tent, and 4 kids in my little ole car. THAT was a treat! But somehow (among a mouthful of choice words) I managed to squeeze it all in there! (Thank you summer job of bagging groceries at age 16!) And I didn't forget any kids! So that's a definite plus! 

So glad that I am good at puzzles! Fitting 5 people, a giant tent, sleeping bags, pillows, and gear for 3 days in my car is NO JOKE!

Good news: After all these years, I have become quite the expert at setting up camp (read: the kids have learned how to put up the tent with my supervision) 
 So camp was up in no time!  We even found a great spot in the shade! Perfect. 

Bad news: I KNEW I was forgetting something this morning! Oh well....the extra layer of hair on my legs will keep me warm tonight....

Later that night...

Late night tent whispers from the big girls:
*Is that a frog or did you fart?!
*(scratch, scratch, scratch) Are you itching your butt?
*"I'm scared sissypoo!" "I am NOT poo!" "Well, you're MY poo..."
So glad they are getting along so well and giggling together! Now if they could just save it for tomorrow and zip it so I could get some sleep...

By the way, it was a good thing I didn't shave...cuz it sure got cold overnight! Brrr. We were freezing our keisters off in that sucker!

 But the next day, all that was forgotten when we spent the day riding 4wheelers, swimming, socializing with the fam, and eating. Oooooh the eats!  

Best part of camping.... bonfire, food, and SMOREO'S! (Smore made in a pb oreo) I think I am going to have a food baby....

Poolside, doing jumps...11yo shouts "I call this one "The Dumb Husband" then just walks straight in... 
  #WellPlayed #OnlyMyChild

It was totally fun to stay up late playing cards with the teen, my brothers, sister in law, and nieces and nephews while the kiddos played "disco party" with a pool strobe light...the things that keep kids entertained!

The best part of camping: running your kids to the point of exhaustion!

What kinds of things do YOU remember doing as a kid? Share them with me in the comments! 

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  1. They're so.adorable!! The blanket fort is fierce! I guess that is part of the house now ey? :)
    We.used to go camping too. Mostly it sucked, but we had a lot of laughs and were SO GRATEFUL for our crappy beds when we got back home! My youngest 2 may never have the pleasure, their cousins are all grown now. We'll have to do some sweet blanket forts. I'm down for that!
    P.S. I did talk to my neighbor SHE'S ALIVE! I'll do a follow up post tomorrow. I'm not a murderer after all :)

    1. Yay! That is good to hear! :) LOL Can't wait to read all about it!!

  2. That is so awesome! I wish all my family would go on a camping weekend together... of course have my family is on my cubscout pack so they do go camping with us.. but still! When I was a kid, my aunts and uncle would swap off who kidnapped us.. we went to a trailer in the mountains with my uncle, a lake house in north Jersey with ny one Aunt... spend the summer at my other aunts house and then spend a week at the shore! My mom was a single mom working two jobs.. with out my family, me and my baby sis would have had some very boring summer's... even though we tried to make them work...

    1. What AWESOME memories Gretchen! Thanks for sharing them with me! I have so many great memories of camping as a child and of visiting with my aunts/uncles! And since we started doing this yearly "family camp", it has been a BLAST! Even my nieces who are now grown (and one is even married) still come every year! It just has been awesome to spend the time with my siblings and their families. And what kid doesn't love sleeping in a tent and cooking over a giant bonfire?! Hehehe