Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is summer about over yet?!

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...

You know it is SOME point every summer (even if you are Super Mom) are going to get tired of your kids. If you say, "No! Not me!" are a liar! 

This was THAT week for me.

It shouldn't have been. The kids had SEPARATE play-dates scheduled throughout the week. (I try and do that so they get some much needed time apart) We went and did some fun things. And they STILL were whiny and complain-y. And anyone who knows me knows...I HATE whiny and complain-y. Whining sends me over the edge in 2.3 seconds. 

Just keepin' it real!

But somehow we made it through. The kids are still alive and kicking and I didn't sell them to the gypsies or the traveling circus show (Hey, I didn't say I didn't THREATEN it...just didn't DO it...) And I am still alive and somewhat sane. So bonus! 

It is weeks like this that make me super happy that I decided to do this summer weekly photo blog. I know that sounds completely backwards, and it probably is, but searching through each day for a great "photo moment" makes me see the good in things and forget about the "MOOOOOM, she is looking at me funny! Tell her to stop!" moments. 

Sometimes we just have to focus on the funny things and let go of the stressful ones. So here are some of THOSE moments...

Like when I took the big girls to choose new glasses. It was so much fun to try on all kinds of frames and goof around in the mirror! These girls are some real hams! 

And I can't WAIT for their glasses to come in. They are too cute! Kk's are bright purple and blue. And Jessi's are black with brown tiger stripe sides.
Like when the teen was (anxiously) awaiting a package with his new airsoft gun. He paced the floor like a man awaiting the birth of his first child. And checked his email for tracking messages EVERY five minutes (including updates for me...lucky me!) FINALLY that sucker came! It was like Christmas morning watching him rip that box open!

And of course...Brennan's entertaining ways kept us laughing! 
Brennan (singing): Oh Jesus help me.....oh Jesus help me....oh Jesus help get my way.....
The teen: (laughing)
Brennan: NO LAUGHING at God! Or at me. I am trying to get some service over here!

Hmmm. I have a feeling it's not gonna work....but hey, what do I know?! (singing) Can I get some "service" too please?! I haven't been getting my way either...

Found some good clearance deals for the big girls, came home to show off my finds-
Me: Look at the shorts I found for $3! And this bathing suit top I found for $1!
Brennan: What did you get for me?
Me: Nothing this time honey...
Brennan: You never get me ANYTHING! You don't get me string cheese. You don't get me slim jims...But that's fine. I will just take these hangers.
Me: No...those are garbage....
Brennan: WHAT?! Now my stuffs is garbage?! You are NOT throwing them away. They are MINE.

And THIS is how hoarders are born.
A flower picked "JUST for momma"!

And of course, these loving moments that just melt your heart...

Brennan: (making an announcement) Someone DO NOT kiss me. I think I am getting germs.
Me: (laughing)
Brennan: (attacking me with kisses)
Me: Ewww! Don't kiss me, you are getting GERMS all OVER ME!
Brennan: (laughing) I was just kidding momma! I don't have any .....germs! Just kissies!

And even a bad day frown can be turned upside down with a little creative thinking...
Me: (frustrated) Find something to do that does not involve hurting each other, making a mess, or crying!
Kk: Like what?

Really?! Is summer vacation almost done yet? This momma's nerves are frazzling fast!

Turned into fun craft time ------------------->
Glitter be damned! 
 I even managed to have a laugh at my own expense!
You know what's great? When you rock out your sweatpants and walk your kids 2 blocks to the busy park to play....only to find out HOURS later (at home) that you have a hole in them on your butt and your underwear were TOTALLY showing.

And re-claim some of that wasted time with a friend from LAST week!

So I guess, all in all, it wasn't really THAT bad of a week after all! 

See you again next week for more Casa de Drama! Until then, stay classy San Diego! 

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  1. Like I said earlier.. its a flipflop.. I haven't had my 8 year old for nearly three weeks.. the oldest has been shining in all his preteen glory.. the only ones semi needy are The Baby and the five year old.. but then they turn into whiny and complainy and I know your feeling. I want it to be bedtime.. sooo bad... I want the summer to be over... but then I remember... its still like five more weeks... that's crazy!! And once September is over I will be wishing for summer again! Take care momma! We all want to rip our hair out! At least we can all be bald together :-)

    1. Yep. I will be complaining about missing them and finding time for fun once school starts. Maybe I just like to complain?!.... lol

  2. I LOVE this idea! What a great way to remember the summer - even the parts you don't want to remember at the time - because it all flies by so fast! I can't believe we're almost in August! I loved seeing into your daily life - your kids are so cute and YOU are so funny.

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! I am glad i decided to do it (on a whim, of course, cuz that's how I roll!) We DO have a lot of fun around this joint. When they are not being so annoying!

  3. This is a wonderful way to capture your summer.

    Lots of funny and exciting things.

    My oldest daughter just selected her first pair of glasses. It WAS lots of fun. I remember when i was her age selecting glasses... I think there were two frames to choose from LOL.

    Thank you for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks for dropping in and for the chance to link-up on your #SHINEbloghop! This HAS been a great way to chronicle the summer! And I think it will be fun to look back at all the things we did once school starts again and I am missing summer! LOL