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Garage Sale Queens (otherwise known as borderline hoarders)

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...

Summer is waning fast! Only 3 more weeks to go...WAIT....THREE MORE?! I keep seeing all these facebook posts "Jr.s first day of school" "Teary-eyed from dropping the kids at the bus stop" and other such nonsense. BLAH! I seriously CANNOT WAIT for that first day! I am just BARELY holding on to the last thread of my sanity. But hey, at least I am HOLDING ON! No sense lying about it now. This mom LOVES her children. And LOVES spending time with them. But ENOUGH is ENOUGH. The kids are tired of each other and that, in turn, makes me tired of them. The bickering, the selfishness, the whining, and the nonsense sends me right over the edge. Does that make me a bad mom? I don't think so. It makes me human. Imperfect. And I am totally okay with that.

But, even in the chaos, we still have love and we still have fun. Like this week we went garagesalin' know...the fine art of turning another man's junk into your borderline hoard. And nobody enjoys it MORE than my big girls! They scored BIG time! But first...

The weeks started out grand with us locking letting the kids play outside for more than a five minute increment...The kids have been *happily* playing outside for over an hour. 

Hubs: We should probably call the kids in...
Me: (looks at clock) Uh, do we HAVE to?! Can't we just leave them out there? They'd be okay out there overnight, right?! They could always sleep under the deck...
Hubs: Or in the car!
Me: YES! Besides, it's not even dark yet. Let's not give up so easily.
(Goes back to watching TV)

Five minutes later:
Hubs: We are bad. You know that right?!
Me: Nah. We are just smart. Now shut up before you jinx it.

Brennan made herself some pretty stylish new "glasses" out of her old sunglasses in order to be "like her big sisters" ....Aww factor: 5million!

And she also made me realize that I may not make it out of parenting ALIVE, when we had THIS conversation:
Me: Brennan! You are NOT supposed to be eating in the living room! (picking up plates and food)
Brennan: I know.
Brennan: Because I didn't hear you say the rules have to say them EVERY day if you want me to remember them!

Somedays, I am surprised that my head doesn't just explode from all the steam building up in there!

My daughter, Kk, wowed me with her awesomeness...

Yesterday morning Kk came downstairs wearing a cute little pair of overall shorts and a tank top. I told her how cute it was and she said, "Thanks. The kids at school made fun of me for wearing this last year. But ALL the teachers gave me compliments on how cute it was. So I wear it anyway because I like it and who cares what those dumb people think!" I seriously just LOVE this girl's I don't give a sh** attitude- MOST days anyway! She is her OWN person and most of the kids at school love her for it and those who don't...she figures it is their loss. (Which it TOTALLY is) I love that she doesn't let bullies and mean people hold her down from who she knows she is.  

WARNING: Explicit photo
I also performed some incredibly difficult and delicate arm surgery on Brennan's creepy doll. 

The things moms must do for love are sometimes unspeakable!

THEN the hubs and I actually got a BREAK when Brennan had her first little sleepover!

We decided to celebrate... err... uh... ENJOY our freedom by seeing a movie!
Going to movies (to see Lucy) for an impromptu date night Pretty much the only ones here....And somebody just sat directly in front of us....when the theater is EMPTY....Am I the only one that thinks that is weird? Just wonderin'....

The teen had some fun this week too! We (the teen, myself, and Jess) are part of a puppet ministry team that does shows for local nursing homes and charities and we had a workshop this week and CREATED our own puppets. Like MADE THEM FROM SCRATCH. And the teen made this bad ass Bob Marley puppet. Complete with dreads. Word. 

I made one too, but it wasn't NEARLY as bad ass as this, so I am not going to show you!

We finished the week with some serious garage sales.  And the girls even had a moment of complete sisterly love!
Jess: Aww man, I can't spend any of my money at garage sales! (she is saving for a new tablet)
Kk: You can sell these things that I sewed if you want!
Jess: HOW?
Kk: Well I sewed them over at grandma's....
Jess: (interrupting) NO! HOW should I SELL them!?! Am I supposed to go to a garage sale where they are selling their OWN things and ask them to buy mine?!!
Kk: ....That's what *I* would do if I wanted some money! do you want to sell them or not?!

We approach garagesalin' like extreme couponers shop! And we SCORED big time. We got ALL the STUFF (in the top photo) for less than $20!
Our biggest scores:
Jessi's zebra print jeans $1 (yea...the 80's called and wants their fashion back!) 

Kk's recorder complete with music sheets $.25 (Too bad that sucker didn't come with some free ear plugs for mom...YIKES!)

Hooker boots for Jess for $1 (Yes. I am aware how incredibly HORRIBLE that sounds! But them boots are borderline Julia Robert's in Pretty Woman.Just sayin'.) 
A Barbie horse for Brennan for $.50 (Which she complained about. Well, not really the horse, but the fact she didn't get more. And she wasn't even WITH us. Little snot!)

And THAT was our week. How was yours?

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