Monday, August 25, 2014

A Man and his Meat

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...

Well, we are ONE week closer to school starting (dancing a mini jig over here!) As I have felt my sanity edging closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, I decided that I needed a hard-core attitude adjustment. I need to STOP looking at everything in such a negative light (o. m. g. school is NEVER going to start) and try to find a positive for each negative (at least I don't have to worry about finding a babysitter for Brennan yet) <----see what I did right there?! ;) And the reality is, we DO have a lot of fun together....we just need some breaks from each other too! 
The hubs and I took such a break Thursday night (spontaneous date nights are an AWESOME perk of your kids getting old enough to stay home alone!) and regained a little bit of our humor. Yay! 

He ordered spaghetti with meat sauce AND meatballs. That's a whole lotta meat! I told him I was going to write a blog about it and name it "A Man and his Meat"...We laughed a LONG time about that one. Yea. We have dirty minds. And we are easy to entertain. You get that way when you spend all your time with kids! And you have to admit.... that IS a catchy title!

Here's some more fun stuff we did this week: 
I reclaimed the TV. DESPITE that absolutely adorable face right there ----->
The kids have been watching cartoons for HOURS, so I changed the channel to something I wanted to watch.
Brennan: *bringing me the remote* Can you put something else on?
Me: I just did.
Brennan: *patting my arm* I know. But you can have a re-do mom!

Too bad I couldn't reclaim my sanity...
I've reached the "6:00 bedtime" point of summer vacation.

Kk and I worked on a loom bracelet that she wanted. And by Kk and I, I mean mostly me. And Google. (It's about time them dumb bands were used for something other than clogging the vacuum!) Talk about  COMPLICATED! We didn't have the right colors and had to start over about 3 times. But in the end....

<------- NAILED IT! (Ha!)

What do you guys think??!  

...I think it will be my first and LAST loom bracelet!

Got the teen all registered for school. A big ole TENTH GRADER! Whew. Feeling extra old now! As you can see he is always SUPER thrilled to have his picture taken. I am going to ASSUME that middle finger holding the I.D. is coincidence....

In his defense, I probably would have been super irritated if I had to register for school with my 3 little sisters in tow too....ESPECIALLY since Kk decided to pull out her inner Middle Eastern and wear a shawl on her head and Brennan would NOT listen and stay with us. Poor kid. Someday his wife will thank me.

And these crazy girls... Sometimes I don't know WHAT to do with them!

See what I mean about Kk and the shawl??!
Jess: *rips a giant fart* Hubs: WOW! That was dad quality there!
Me: Well the one Kk let earlier was dad SMELL quality! 

Kk: Yea. Mine TOTALLY smell like yours, dad!
Jess: Well mine SOUND like dad's!
Kk: Nuh uh! Not as much as MINE do!
Me: Wow. You have totally corrupted the children. They are FIGHTING over whose FARTS are most like yours!
Hubs: Yup. I love my girls.

But I guess this is to be expected when I have been spending so much time at work... 

Either the thermostat is broken at work or I am turning part ice-cube (and not the rapper/actor yo!)....BRRRR! It says 75, but I have goosebumps and my hands are freeeeeeeezing!
By the time I leave at noon I may have to be removed by fork-lift. Please send help if I don't make it home.

And to make matters worse, Brennan is back on the baby kick! I don't think she is EVER going to give up!
Brennan: I want some new babies!
Me: oooh! I want some money!
Brennan: *kissing my face and whispering* Guess what I am going to get you for your birthday (which just passed in June by the way).....some money! And some sparkly stuff. Cuz I know how much YOU love sparkly stuff! AND money!
Me: mmmm. Thanks!
Brennan: Soooooooo....what are YOU going to get ME, hmmm?!
Aaaaand there it is! The REAL motive behind this sweet moment. I hope she meant dolls.

And that was our week in a nutshell. A crazy, dramatic, yet funny nutshell. Today is the hubs birthday, so I better get to baking his cake. I promised Brennan one too...
Brennan: Mooommmmaaaaa! I got a SURPRISE for you!
Me: OOOH! What is it??!
Brennan: I can't tell you! It's for tomorrow. And it needs some cake. So if you want to know what it is you have to make me some cake FIRST.

Cake, huh?! I guess this girl takes after me AFTER ALL. Looks like I am baking a cake tomorrow... OH WAIT! I already AM baking a cake tomorrow cuz it's the hubs birthday! Win! Win!

On that note, BYE! See you next week for the very last Casa de Drama post! The kids start back to school on September 2nd and summer will FINALLY officially be over around here!

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