Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brennan's Reviews: Steak 'n Shake Restaurant

A Restaurant Review as seen through the eyes of a 4 year old, written by her mother (Because she can't write. Duh.)


Well, here it is! The moment you ALL have been waiting for....that time when I tell you ALL about my restaurant adventures! This time my parents took me (and my brother and sisters, too!) to Steak 'n Shake, which made me pretty excited! I LOVE that place. I love it SO much that I was even willing to jump out of the bathtub in order to go there. And that is BIG. I really, really LOVE my baths. I take about 10 every single day. Or as many as I can whine my way into convince my mom I neeeeeed!

But, anyway, back to my review!

It was lunchtime. So my belly was pretty hungry. But this place is good because they give you all the things to do while you wait for your foods to come out! I had papers to color, and cars to build, and STICKERS! I LOVE stickers! AND they give you these pretty neat hats to wear! I ALWAYS wear mine!

And my dad likes to wear one too. *giggle* He's silly.

The order lady came and asked me what I wanted to eat RIGHT AWAY and I said "corndogs and fries" (I like to order ALL. By. Myself. On account of how I am NOT a baby anymore!)

And I got lemons for my water. Cuz that is how my mom does it and I like to do things like my mom does it! Oh that makes me think of something funny! When my mom's water came out hers had a rotten lemon in it and when she was trying to get it out, she spilled her water ALL over the place! Ha! It was pretty funny! Then my dad got kinda irritated. (He gets like that at ME sometimes too! Then I have to tell my mom about how he is all irritated.) But I didn't tell her this time cuz I was too busy laughin' at her.

And then it took a REAL long time for our order lady to come around to give her some napkins, so we all had to give her ours and she STILL got water on her shirt! Hehehe! THAT was FUNNY! And then when she told the order lady about her rotten lemon that lady got mouthy with my momma! I know she was mouthy cuz my mom got that SAME look she gets when I get mouthy! Then my mom told that lady she KNOWS what a rotten lemon looks like! Bwhahaha! My mom REALLY was makin' me laugh today! I don't think dad thought it was as funny as I did. He got that irritated face again.

Poor, irritated guy.

Then that lady brought new water. And new lemons. And she told my momma she was REAL sorry. (My momma said that she probably heard her say all that mean stuffs about her to my dad.) Then my momma was happy again and I got back to colorin'.

I don't think my big sister was so happy about comin' as I was, though. Cuz my mom was tryin' to take pictures and she wouldn't even operate. (I think that is the word mom used. When you don't do what mom wants and she gets all testy and stuff...)

And she wasn't even using all the cool things they give you to do while you are waitin' for your food to come out! Dad says it's cuz she thinks she's too grown up now. Too grown up? Ha! Who wants to be all growed up??!

My sister. That's who. She's moody. (I heard my mom say that a'fore)

And guess what?! Then our food came! I was super excited to get my corndogs! I really like it how the ketchup is RIGHT there where I can grab it! I like LOTS of ketchup! My dad doesn't even know that I can do my OWN ketchup. But I did! (He kept telling me it was enough, but he doesn't even KNOW what ENOUGH IS! Silly, daddy!)

I got JUST the RIGHT amount!

And then you will NEVER guess what song came on the radio there! LET. IT. GO. (My mom's FAVORITE!) And I had to stop eating and sing it loud enough for EVERYONE to hear it! I sure do LOVE that song! I don't think my dad likes it too much, though, cuz he kept tellin' me to quiet down and just eat my lunch. He's weird. Who doesn't like me singing REAL loud?

I was soooo hungry that I ate ALL my food. It was super good. I like corndogs. 'Specially with ketchup.

Overall, I give this place a 5 out of of 5 questionably clean fingers rating! On account of the hats. And the cool cars you can build and take home with you. I like that. And the crayons. AND the yummy corndogs with LOTS of ketchup. This place is REAL good for my tummy! (I don't care WHAT my mom says....I don't need vegetables to help me poop!)

I hope I get to go back again soon. So I can show mom and dad how good I am at doing my OWN ketchup.

I don't think they believed me.

All opinions in these restaurant reviews are my own and given for free cuz I like to talk and tell stories. Nobody gives me any free food or moneys to tell about my 'ventures. (But if they wanted to, my ears would be listening for sure.)

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  1. I love Brennan reviews! They're my favorite!! ;-)

  2. Our stories never end with a child eating all the food, lol. If someone told me that all I had to do to get our kids to touch their food was dump water on my head, I'd do it with bells on. I would stand on a table in the middle of the restaurant, yell at everyone to look at me, and dump water on my head. I'd invite everyone to dump water on my head. Needless to say, we don't go out to eat very often :-)

    1. The ONLY time our stories end well is when we go to places like Steak n Shake where they can act a little crazy and we don't really care. LOL When we go other places....not so much! Did you read the other Brennan review? That visit wasn't near as calm as this one!! (At least from MY perspective!) Who in their right mind takes kids to Cracker Barrel when you damn well KNOW you have to walk through that stinkin' store?! (The answer would be me. I'm a dummy)

  3. Excellent! Brennan sure knows how to give a review! Lol! And how dare that lady get "mouthy" with momma?! Evidently, she didn't know she was speaking to DQM! The nerve...and all over a rotten lemon. Can't wait to read the next one! =)

    1. She tried to tell me that the lemon was just "squishy" and ALL their lemons were that way....I was like, "ummmmm, NO! I think I am smart enough to know what a ROTTEN lemon looks like. SEE THIS BROWN?! That means ROTTEN. Are you trying to tell me ALL your lemons are ROTTEN?" What a ditz. LOL

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So awesome to read restaurant review! We currently go to one restaurant in the new town we've moved to. My kids give it a thumbs up! With a sensory kiddo we pick the ones that are more lenient to having him colouring, playing with his cars, and singing at the top of his lungs. Great blog, I'm on my way to read the previous review. ��

  6. Who doesn't like to do things the way mom does. At least until you're old enough to not want to do anything mom does.