Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brennan Reviews: Prima Princessa presents The Nutcracker

A Movie Review as seen through the eyes of a 4 year old, written by her mother (Because she can't write. Duh.) We received a free copy of this DVD in return for our honest opinion.

When my mom told me that I was going to get a really fun princess ballerina video in the mail JUST FOR ME, I was super duper 'cited!

I really like to get things in the mail.

Especially princess things. And ballet things.

When the DVD came, I couldn't wait to rip that sucker open. And I wanted to watch it straight away! Mom told me that it was a very special dancing movie that I could dance right along with. So, of course, I had to get my ballerina stuffs on! That took a while cuz I could only find ONE ballet slipper and you can't be a ballerina without your ballet slippers! I don't know why them dumb things are always coming up missing. Mom says its cuz I play in my ballet bag all the time, but what does she even know anyway?! I can't help it that I like to be a ballerina ALL the time, and not just for my Saturday morning ballet class. Maybe if she put on ballet slippers, she would want to be one all the time too! Note to self: buy mom some ballet stuffs for Christmas.

Once I got my favorite fluffy tutu on (it's the white one with pretty gold shiny things on it) and found my silly ballet slippers, I got right down to business. Mom put that video in the DVD player and I settled in to see what this business was gonna be all about.

I couldn't believe it! It was a movie all about real-live ballerinas! There was this really cute little fairy princess who told me all kinds of things about what the ballerinas were doing. And there was this little Nutcracker toy that came. to. life. Can you even believe that? Then that mean boy tried to break it! I am real glad that my brother is way bigger than me and doesn't touch my toys. That girl needed to give that boy a big talkin' to! (That's what my mom does when she is mad!)

Then came my FAVORITE part of the whole movie, the part where you get to dance with the ballerinas! The little fairy princess takes you to a ballet school with lots of little kids.

When I saw all them ballerinas, I had to make my mom pause that movie so that I could go get my hair done like a REAL ballerina! Ballerinas don't have BRAIDS. Duh.

My mom really needs to learn these things.

After I got her to put my hair up in a bun like real ballerinas do, I got down to business.

I take my dancin' REAL serious.

And this movie showed me how to do all kinds of dancin' moves! And it even taught me the really strange words that the ballerinas call them moves, too! I tried to say some of them words and that made me laugh. They use funny words for their moves.

I really, really liked watching this movie. My favorite parts were the parts where I got to get up and do some dancing with the ballerinas.

That was exciting!

I give this movie a 5/5 "Jazz hands" Finger Rating. It was lots of fun. I can't even WAIT to watch it again! I think that ALL little ballerinas like me need to watch this movie. They will like to do all that dancin' like I did.

And I think my mom gives it 5 fingers too.

She was pretty excited about how tired out I was when I was done with all them cool moves. (I don't even know why she gets all 'cited when I am sleepy. That is kinda dumb. No one even likes takin' naps.)

You should go visit Prima Princessa on their website ( right. now. There are lots of fun things to do there. My mom let me play games on the preschool games part and there was a part full of fun craft ideas and yummy treats to make too! And you can buy these videos (Yeah, there are more than one! You can also get Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.) They would make really great gifts.

Prima Princessa is also on Pinterest.

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*I received a copy of this DVD in return for my review. All opinions contained within this blog post are of my 4 year old daughter and 100% honest because, let's face it, kids don't sugar coat what they are thinking, even if you try and bribe them.

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  1. She's so stinkin cute! Great review Brennan!!

  2. So cute (= My Sabrina loves to be a ballerina too. We call her Brina-ballerina.

  3. Hahaha! Love that you wrote this from the perspective of your daughter! Her outfits make me so excited for when my daughter gets just a little bit older :). Glad to have found this post on the PBN thread!
    ~Julia Arnold

  4. How wonderful! Thanks for reviewing this>