Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brennan's Reviews: Fazoli's Restaurant

A Restaurant Review as seen through the eyes of a 5 year old, written by her mother (Because she can't really write yet.) 

Sometimes, when we are out and about, my mom gets this good idea that we should just go 'head and stop somewheres to eat. I really like it when she gets these kinds of ideas. My daddy...he doesn't always like it on account of how it costs lots of money to feed our whole family. At least that is what I heard him say to momma.

The day we went to Fazoli's wasn't no different. Daddy kind-of didn't like that idea, but momma got him convinced cuz she had coupons. (Those are things that save you money. I know cuz I asked mom what they were!)

This time she had coupons that told us what we had to eat.

I didn't know how I felt about that cuz one of my favorite things 'bout eating out is that I get to CHOOSE what I want to eat. And when I asked momma what I was gonna get to eat, she said s'ghetti. That made me kind of irritated (that's a big word for "reeeeeal mad") cuz that is what I ALWAYS get and what if I wanted to choose somethin' different this time?

Sometimes a girl doesn't WANT to eat her favorite food, amiright?

Then daddy got irritated too and said he would "turn this van right around." And we ALL know what THAT means.

No. Fun.

So we zipped it right up. And dad drove us straight to that restaurant. (After he drove us home to trick us! He's such a trickster!)

When we got to Fazoli's the first thing I did was find one of those cool bibs you can wear to keep the s'ghetti off yer shirt. I don't know 'bout you, but I get LOTS of s'ghetti on my shirt if I don't wear a bib.

Nobody else wanted a cool bib.

I guess they must like to get food on their shirt.

Momma ordered our food. We got the "sample splatter" that has all kinds of good stuffs on it. Then mom asked for some extra of those fancy plates so that we could share.

She said it's cuz we always waste. But that's just crazy talk.

I NEVER waste s'ghetti, even when it's not what I wanted to order.

Then we played this super funny game where daddy pretended that he didn't know us and him and my big brother sat at a different table. Mom said it had to do with us using more than one of those money-savers coupons. I know cuz I listened real hard when mom and dad were talkin' in the car. They don't know that I do that. I thought it was a silly game because every time I tried to talk to him he said things like "Do I know you ma'am?" and "Who is this strange child that keeps coming to my table?"

He's super silly.

Then mom gave me my cup and told me that I was gettin' dumb ole WATER to drink. But I played this fun trick that my dad taught me when he takes me out to lunch when mom is at work.

Shhhh! It's 'sposed to be a secret! I put Sprite in my water cup. But my mom is TOO SMART for all THAT jazz! She figured us out. Then mom got mad. But not at me. She thought dad was being a "sneaker" and she told him so in her mean whisper voice.

I thought that was funny.

Then mom made dad go pay for more drinks. Cuz she means biz-ness when she gets her mean whisper voice on.

After just a little bit of time, the guy from the restaurant brought us out our food. I like how it doesn't take lots of time for my food to come to me when I am hungry!

I decided that I was glad to get s'ghetti after all. But mom let me try some of them other noodles too. The kind that had white sauce instead of red. And I decided that it doesn't matter WHAT kind of sauce them noodles got when you can put all the parmesans you WANT on them! I like to put it on until my mom yells "STOP!" cuz that is a fun game to play too.

Did you even know that they're are so many ways to eat a noodle? There are!

And I like to try them ALL while I eat my pastas.

You can use your breadstick to eat them. But sometimes that is hard to do on account of how slippery them suckers are. So then you gotta just use your fingers to put that s'ghetti on there. And mom doesn't like when I do that!

You can lean real far down over your plate and scoop them things right in your mouth and then slurp 'em in.

You can also put 'em on your fork and then hang 'em up REAL high and try to catch them with your mouth.

That is my FAVORITE way.

I really like to eat pastas.

And they give you SO. MUCH. FOOD. at Fazoli's that even when you have to share yours with your sister, you STILL get to take some home!

And since I am super big, I went and got my little box all. by. myself! And I scooped my food in there by myself, too.

The trick to taking these things home, is adding LOTS more of that parmesan to your box a'fore you close it.

So that is EXACTLY what I did.

I really love this fancy place.

And that is why I give it 5 out of 5 freshly-licked-fingers. (Cuz who wants to use a silly napkin when you can eat that sauce right off them suckers?!)

I think that when you are out and about YOU should eat at Fazoli's too. It's fast and it's yummy. And they give you a BIG thing of parmesans on your table so you can use as much as you want!

Oh! And you can wear a bib so you don't make a mess on your favorite shirt.

All opinions in these restaurant reviews are my own and given for free cuz I like to talk and tell stories. Nobody gives me any free food or moneys to tell about my 'ventures. (But if they wanted to, my ears would be listening for sure.)

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