Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brennan's Reviews: Hibachi Grill Buffet

A Restaurant Review as seen through the eyes of a 5 year old, written by her mother (Because she can't really write yet.)

When my mom asks me where I want to eat, I ALWAYS choose the Chinese buffet.

She doesn't ask me very much. I don't really know why she doesn't cuz I know a LOT of things.

Like how to speak Chinese.

I like to practice it on the people who work at the buffet. Hola! That means "hello" in Chinese! I bet you didn't even know that! The girl who came to our table to bring us our drinks was VERY impressed.

My mom...not so much.

I guess she doesn't speak Chinese.

I like this place cuz I don't have to wait for my food to come to me. I don't like waiting. My mom says I have to have "patience" but I don't really like to go to the doctor's.

What I DO like to do is eat. And this place lets me get my own food that I pick myself. Sometimes my mom doesn't like me to get my own food. She thinks I am still a BABY who needs help.

Guess what! I'm not. I am very big. And I can use those pinchy things and get my OWN noodles. That's my favorite thing to eat here. Those long white noodles with EGGS in them. My mom doesn't NEVER make noodles with eggs in them.

It's probably cuz she's not Chinese.

I don't really like how there is carrots in there though. I think that there is sneaky business. Like how my mom tries to do at home with my dinner plate. But I am too smart for all that. So I am REAL careful to pick them ALL out.

I also don't eat the broccoli that comes in the chicken I like. I don't eat green things.


Other than that, the food at this place is really good. It's so good that sometimes I need to just sneak a taste before I even get back to my chair!

My mom doesn't like when I do that.

She likes to ruin all my fun. "Use your silverware" she says. "Wait until we get to the table" she says. What kind of fun is THAT?

Not any fun. That's what.

But do you want to know what IS fun? Two words. Chop. Sticks. Did you know that Chinese people use them and not a fork? Well, since I know Chinese words, I need to know Chinese forks too.

And I like to practice using them sticks to eat my noodles. And sometimes jello too. But that is kind of hard cuz that stuff is slip-pry! I would use them to eat my ice cream too, but my mom says N-O in her mean voice when I do that. She makes me use a stupid ole SPOON. Boring!

But it's okay, cuz I REALLY like ice cream.

My mom always says I gotta eat my moneys worth when I go to the buffet.

I think my mom is silly cuz we aren't 'sposed to eat money! But I DO eat a lot of food here.

My mom says that is good cuz this place is EX-PEN-SIVE. My dad said we were gonna have to do LOTS of chores to work off this bill. I think he was just being silly though. He knows I don't like stupid chores.

There are LOTS of things that I like at this place! But want to know what I like the mostest? Fortune cookies!

When you are good and eat all your food, they bring you a cookie that has a message inside! I always make my mom read me mine.

This time my mom said that my message was REAL true. It said something about people liking me to come to their parties.

It's probably because I always pick good presents.

When we are all finished with our food, my mom always makes me tell her how many fingers I think the restaurant gets. She says 1 finger is bad and 5 fingers is I want to eat here my whole life every day.

This time I was tricky to her!

I said this restaurant gets 10 fingers. 10 super-clean-fingers. And I know they are super clean cuz I washed them in the bathroom. Even though there wasn't a stool to stand on.

I think that is kinda dumb.

But I still like this place. And you probably will too.

All opinions in these restaurant reviews are my own and given for free cuz I like to talk and tell stories. Nobody gives me any free food or moneys to tell about my 'ventures. (But if they wanted to, my ears would be listening for sure.)

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