Sunday, July 6, 2014

Casa de Drama Americana

Casa de Drama- A weekly summer recap in pictures 

In a surprising twist of fate, I find myself looking forward to summer break this year. Weird, I know! But nonetheless, here I am! To commemorate this (unexpected) feeling, I am kicking off this summer long series, where I will give you a glimpse into our daily lives through pictures and brief "recaps" of some of the funny things happening in this crazy zone we call home! 
Welcome to my Casa de Drama...

We left off last week with the greatest day known to man-kind....MY BIRTHDAY! A bit much? Ok...well, it WAS a great day for ME! (Even though I was still sick. ugh.) I met up with my bestie for my free Finley's dinner, which was a big 'ole flop, by the way, and headed off to a nearby casino for a little fun! And GUESS WHAT?! They give out FREE money for your birthday, yo! So this momma started her night $50 ahead and left $40 ahead. Score! I also played some serious bingo. STOP LAUGHING! This ain't yo grandma's bingo! This was glow in the dark, fast-paced, music blaring, win lots of money bingo. My friend won! And I got my boobs felt up in a photo op. So I guess I was a winner AFTER ALL! We usually have a little TOO much fun. Like in the bathroom where my friend got down and dirty with the high falutin' hand dryers... 

And just. like. that. my special day was over.

Moving on.... on Saturday, laundry. Yay. (No exclamation point needed) But at least this little bit of funny happened:
Brennan: *whispers* Shhhhh! Quiet mommy! Don't wake up daddy! He fell asleep on the couch!
Me: *whispers* Ok.
Brennan: *banging her doll repeatedly on the couch RIGHT NEXT to where her dad is sleeping*
Hubs: *wakes up*
Me: Well way to go Brennan! You just told me to be quiet then you went and woke dad up!
Brennan: *hiding behind laundry basket* It wasn't me! Look at her dad!
(all you see is an arm pointing from behind the basket to me)
Me: Wow. I can feel the love today.
Brennan: Don't look at me! Look at her!

And my birthday is over folks! No more special nice treatment for this momma! Back to blaming me for all things. At least it wasn't a fart. THIS time.

Yea. Brennan can be such a gem! They ALL can be. That is why the next day I decided to drop Jess off on the side of the road and call it a day.


That was a joke. She really left to go stay with grandma and grandpa for a couple days. You know, to get away from 

On Monday, Brennan let me in a little secret...she's stashing some serious bucks! Now, if only I could find them...

Brennan: whoops! I spilled my water!
Me: Did you spill it on my Library book?
Brennan: Maybe....will they be mad?
Me: No. They just make you pay for it.
Brennan: I CAN'T PAY FOR IT!
Me: Yea. Cuz you don't have any money...
Brennan: NO! That's not why!! Because I don't have no way to get there! Its too far to walk! Its not about money mom! I got money. Lots of it. In my piggy bank....

Well, ok, moneybags! Where did you say that stash was? Momma needs a loan!

"Look momma! It is SpongeBob's
house! Can we buy it?" ...She
may be "slightly" food sheltered!

I love when I have to take the kids to the store with me! At least this time I was entertained by Brennan's food naivete.
The next day, we packed up the car and headed to the coast to catch some waves and rays on Lake Michigan. It was a little windy and there was a wave advisory, but we made the best of it and enjoyed the almost empty beach. What a fabulous day! Packed with sunbathing, picnicking, playing, and best of all...relaxation! Ahhh. I LOVE the beach!

Moving on (unreluctantly, I might add!)The next day the hubs was being his normal "frugal" self... resulting in this Facebook public service announcement:

Me: We are out of toilet paper
Hubs: Alright. I will run to the store and grab some cheap stuff.
Me: Ummmm. No. My vagina would appreciate some non-sandpaper toilet paper, thanks!
Hubs: Just use the wet wipes then.
Me: No can do. Sometimes a girl just wants to be dry. And she wants to get that way with high quality soft toilet paper. Is that too much to ask? No more 99 cent toilet paper puh-leeeeze! My hoo-ha thanks you.
Hubs: 99 cents!!!! Woman you don't give me enough credit! .....I spend AT LEAST a buck oh nine.
Yea. I married a cheapskate. He came home 30 minutes later with a ginormous package of the sandpaper variety expecting a pat on the back for spending $6 instead of his normal $1. He didn't get it. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this tomfoolery, so I will humor you with this little diddy instead... hehehe

The hubs. Shopping with the girls. Yea. He is
that super embarrassing dad. And proud of it!

And now...the grand finale! We ended this week with tons of hickerbilly celebratin'. 
We sure know how to have a grand old time for the holidays... 

Happy birthday 'Murica!
See you next week for more Casa de Drama!

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  1. YAY! Love the synopsis with bonus pictures of the family

    1. Thanks for reading!! Glad you enjoy the pics :) I have some pretty willing models... lol

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great pics and beautiful family!

    1. Aww, thanks! They ARE pretty stinkin' cute...but I am slighty biased!

  3. yeah, our vaginas would ALL appreciate non-sand-paper TP. Totally with you. ;)

    Great pics!

    1. RIGHT?! Whats up with making cheap crap anyway? Why even give my poor hubs a (bad) option in the first place!

  4. I LOVE that picture of your husband.

    1. He will probably kill me when he finds out I put that in here...

  5. Your birthday night with the girls looked like SO much fun!!

    1. It was sooo much fun! Even though I was sick. I have some great friends :)