Sunday, November 23, 2014

What I am REALLY thankful for this holiday season...

As we arrive at this time of giving and Thanksgiving, you see tons of posts on Facebook and other social media sights listing the things people are "thankful" for. Some of them tug at your heart strings. Some of them make you laugh. Some of them are a big old farce. You know the ones I am talking about! Come on folks! Don't forget we know you in real life...

And of course, as a mom, I am thankful for my wonderful family. That goes without saying. I mean, how could you not cherish this sweet little face? And her many, many, MANY drawings of our family show how much we mean to her too.

And I am thankful for awesome little "mommy moments" like reading my favorite childhood classic with my kids every night. And then finding the movie on Netflix and enjoying a family movie night.

But let's face it, most moms' lists of things they are really "thankful" for are selfish and include things that are taken for granted before you become parents.

Things like:

Going to the bathroom ALONE
You know you are a mom when you take your phone to the toilet with you so you can have five minutes of peace and quiet while you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed or catch a few minutes of your favorite show on Netflix. I get you. I do the same thing. 

Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with your kids thinking you need to take a half hour poop twice a day while you watch Charmed... Right?!

Making a gourmet dinner that is actually APPRECIATED
And maybe even enjoyed. Is that too much to ask? There is nothing like pouring your heart and soul out in the kitchen night after night just to be bombarded with cries of "Eww! What IS that" and "Can't I just have a PB&J instead?" And those are just what I hear from my husband! 

Most moms would give anything for a dinner night that went off without a hitch or single complaint. Or maybe that is just me.

Having some time to write, craft, read, or even THINK 
Insert your favorite thing in this one. It's okay to be selfish sometimes! As parents, we always put our kids needs ahead of our own. There is nothing wrong with doing the things we enjoy sometimes. And there is no need to feel guilty about being thankful for those few moments of peace!

Having some "alone time" with the spouse
How can you keep the romance alive if you don't ever get any time alone? I am truly thankful for the fact that our kids are finally getting old enough to be left at home alone while we enjoy a dinner out and some time to talk about things other than "Brennan hasn't had a bowel movement in two days" and "the kids need: new shoes, haircuts, Christmas presents"....the list goes on and on! It is nice to talk about grownup stuff, like "how to get rich by making a house that cleans itself" and "who can eat the biggest meatball"

Yes, those are things my husband and I actually have discussed on "date night". Be jealous! It's okay.

Having control of the remote control
How many episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Bratz Babies can one mom take before she goes insane? I am tempted to change the Netflix password some days! I long for those quiet moments when I can curl up in the corner with my iPad and binge watch the shows that I want to watch. 

Thank you Netflix for the ability to stream more than one show at a time!

For that I am TRULY grateful.

What are YOU grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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  1. I am thankful that 2015 is a new year with new opportunities!! Great read thank you.

  2. Love Netflix. Kids finally got to watch Michael Keaton in Batman last week. It's like reliving my own childhood.

    1. Yes! I LOVE finding classics and sharing them with my kids, too! Thanks for reading! <3

  3. I think I might be Netflix biggest customer...actually, I am certain.